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High performance of lubricant additives Runze Chemical manufacture include Corrosion inhibitors, Metal deactivators, Extreme pressure /antiwear Additives featuring TPPT, Lubricity improver featuring Ricinoleic acid condensate, Friction modifier(also named Friction reducer) featuring Organo-molybdenum and Specialty Chemicals featuring quaternary ammonium salt or base etc. Runze has trade brands: Petrocor ®, Aquacor ®, Petrolem ®, Aqualem ®,Runlube ®, Molyrun ® ,CorMix I ® etc , Here are the right additives you need. Runze Chemical also offer custom-tailored synthesis with powerful ability for R&D.

ID No. Product Name For Short CAS No. Content
A1328 Imidazoline derivative Rz-Amine O 95-38-5 98%
E1411 Triphenyl phosphorothionate TPPT 597-82-0 98%
E1412 Alkylated triphenyl phosphorothionate Irgalube 211 Runlube 211 126019-82-7 99%
E1413 Alternative of Irgalube 63 Runlube 63 71735-74-5 S:20-22% P:9-11%
E1414 4,4'-Methylene bis(dibutyldithiocarbamate) T323 10254-57-6 99%
E1415 2, 5-Dimercapto-1,3,4-thiodiazole DMTD 1072-71-5 98%
E1416 Alternative of RC5202 Rz-W20 RC5202 S: 21%
E1417 The mixture of amine phosphates Irgalube 349 Runlube 349 349 Runlube 349
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