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High performance of lubricant additives Runze Chemical manufacture include Corrosion inhibitors, Metal deactivators, Extreme pressure /antiwear Additives featuring TPPT, Lubricity improver featuring Ricinoleic acid condensate, Friction modifier(also named Friction reducer) featuring Organo-molybdenum and Specialty Chemicals featuring quaternary ammonium salt or base etc. Runze has trade brands: Petrocor ®, Aquacor ®, Petrolem ®, Aqualem ®,Runlube ®, Molyrun ® ,CorMix I ® etc , Here are the right additives you need. Runze Chemical also offer custom-tailored synthesis with powerful ability for R&D.

ID No. Product Name For Short CAS No. Content
A1321 1-Octylphosphonic acid ASI80 AC100 4724-48-5 ASI100
A1322 Metal deactivator S826 S826 13539-13-4 98%
A1323 2,5-bis(tert-dodecyldithio)-1,3,4-thiadiazole T561 59656-20-1 CUVAN484
A1324 Tolutriazole Derivative Rz-W42 Rz-W42 88477-37-6 Irgamet42
A1325 Tolutriazole Derivative Rz-O39 Rz-O39 80584-90-3 Irgamet 39
A1326 Iso nonyl phenoxy acetic acid Rz-NPA 3115-49-9 Irgacor NPA
A1327 N-Methyl-N-Benzenesulphonamido caproic acid Rz-MBA 46948-72-5 95%
E1410 5,5'-dithiobis-1,3,4-thiadiazole-2(3h)-thione Runlube 829 72676-55-2 98%
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