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Runze A series is outstanding brand of corrosion inhibitors in global market, it has totally 4 types: corrosion inhibitors for Copper, Iron, Aluminium or alloy and metal deactivators. From application, it includes water base and oil base. Here you will find the right additives you want.

ID No. Product Name For Short CAS No. Content
A1318 Isononanoyl amido caproic acid AA190 71902-23-3 hostacor IS
A1319 Isononanoyl amido caproic acid salt AA190 Plus hostacor IT hostacor IT
A1320 Aluminium corrosion inhibitor AC20 66790-57-6 RC5820
A1321 1-Octylphosphonic acid ASI80 AC100 4724-48-5 ASI100
A1322 Metal deactivator S826 S826 13539-13-4 98%
A1323 2,5-bis(tert-dodecyldithio)-1,3,4-thiadiazole T561 59656-20-1 CUVAN484
A1324 Tolutriazole Derivative Rz-W42 Rz-W42 88477-37-6 Irgamet42
A1325 Tolutriazole Derivative Rz-O39 Rz-O39 80584-90-3 Irgamet 39
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